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Since the game recently made it into the ranks of GOG's classic collection, I figured what better time to move my project out of the shade and into the view of people who care about the game.
I wondered If anyone would be interested in working on the ScummVM TeenAgent engine with me during the summer? C++ knowledge is a must.
The engine intends to support ALL versions of TeenAgent (English(full version/demos),
Czech, Polish(with/without voices)) and the Amiga versions.
This shouldnt be too tricky. as there is quite a lot of work done on the engine already by myself and jvprat.
We are working from a well commented disassembly and amiga 68000 asm.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions
(silver_coast (at)
Hmm, that brings up an interesting thought, I wonder if GOG would change to the SCUMMVM version if you get it woking
I dont think so, The game seems to work well enough on GOG's target platform.
The engine would simply allow the game to be played on more than the PC/Amiga
briging TeenAgent to the masses :D
It does work well, however, it is all thanks to DOSBox. And, much as I love this application, DOSBox means wasting lots of CPU time just for emulation - pretty useless, if both the host and the emulated platform are x86... perhaps a Greenpeace activist could analyse the amount of carbon dioxide unnecessarily emitted just because of that approach ;P
real dos might have used even more as there wasn't process scheduling and idle stuff in those days :) (games always used 100 % cpu power)
To be honest I didnt notice any slowdown or anything whilst playing the game (multiple times) in DOSBox, there were a few graphical quirks when moving the cursor over the actor sprite. although I think that may have been my issue(or in the original)