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and yes, i really need to know the correct name.
even when i use the term "teenagent pc game" (one word for the title) in google, it lists more names as Teen Agent.
and of course the game itself calls it TEENAGENT. (in the title and in the order page)
so i guess it's TEENAGENT (one word and in capital)
i suppose we should go with the makers of siad game ??
"Metropolis Software" page is 'under construction' at the moment, but with the power of the "Wayback Machine"
It is listed as Teenagent
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interestingly enough, througout my investigations into this game I have seen it called Teenagent, Teen Agent, TeenAgent and TEENAGENT.
My general consensus has always been Teenagent or TeenAgent
simply because they appear most commonly througout the games documentation and executable file.
Although the amiga version refers to it as TEENAGENT.
Its your choice I guess :p
I believe it's a pun on "Teenage"-nt. Thus Teenagent is the correct spelling.
"Teen" already encompasses the meaning of "teenage" so it could be two separate words. But, the fact that the words line up (or layer, if you will) so perfectly could mean that you can interpret the compound word several ways and that the game probably has THE BEST TITLE EVARR in the history of things with witty word play titles. ;)
Here's a quick, highly subjective analysis because I refuse to accept the fact I have Better Things To Do (R):
Teen Agent: Perfectly valid form but less room for said interpretation, less witty. This discussion wouldn't exist if the game was actually called that. I suspect native English speakers are less used to compound words and thus are eager to separate them and that's what causes this confusion. So, no.
TeenAgent: Could be, but I think CamelCasing every eCompany and YourDog was a fad more prominent later in the decade. That's a no.
TEENAGENT: Maybe, if you're a kid yelling online ("AMIGAAAAA" applies ;) or the title is an acronym OR you're Robert FOSTER Beneath a STEEL SKY, who is PRONE to almost RANDOMLY CAPITALIZING words. No, no, no.
Teenagent: Hello, this is how civilized people communicate. Perfectly innocent looking word concealing word plays to keep you entertained for hours (your mileage may vary). Ok, ok, this one is missing a little insight but after the three other ones you simply have to agree I've managed to determine the correct spelling through elimination. Let me hear you say: Yes!
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