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This is a weird problem:
Upon installing this game in Windows Vista whenever I try to open the "Games" folder it automatically closes. Next time i installed the game with the "Games" window open and as soon as it had finished all my previous game icons in the window dissapeared. I can't install this game now because I lose access to my "Games" folder. Anyone else run into this problem and know a fix?
This question / problem has been solved by Grahimage
It's fixed right now - but Aliasalpha solution is right - just remove secondary }.
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Yes, your's solution is good as well.
New installer is free from that problem already (acording to my post several hours before). Just download it again if you like :)
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Aliasalpha: Yeah I tested the new installer and it seems to work perfectly. All I've got trouble with now is having 2 entries for Far Cry...
Glad to be of help anyway.

Good to hear that it works:)
Regarding double entry in Games folder, I've explained it some time ago. Basically it's up to Vista and it's ability to recognize games in MS game database. Therefore sometimes two icons can appear - one based and one original one.
Aliasalpha: [..]go through the folders and manually delete the non-GOG one [..]

Problem is that it will not help :) Next time you'll start Far Cry Vista finds out about it and recreate shortcut in Games folder. Only way to avoid creating it back it to hide existing one, in that way Vista will know that the game exists but you don't want the shortcut.