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After playing Teen Agent a couple of times, I noticed something strange concerning Anne and John Noty. When Noty gives Mark the banknote which had the message "Never! Anne' written on it. When Mark asks Anne about it, she tells him that Noty tried to bribe her to kiss him by giving her the bank note, only for her to reject it. Later, Mark finds Noty's diary inside the robo-safe and learns that the professor who unknowingly gave Noty the means to steal gold had apparently been the one to suggest (as Noty put it) a "recipe for girls' heart-breaking (apparently, paying girls)." Yet at the very end, the captain reveals to Mark that Anne was an agent of the RGB herself and had served as the motivation! So I'm wondering how Noty could have approached Anne in the first place. Was she from the village and Noty just didn't know she worked for the RGB or he tried to win her before she joined the RGB? Or was the Anne who wrote the note somebody else and the Anne whom Mark met simply pretended to be the girl who wrote the reply?

I really hope someone can explain it to me.

Belle Book
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