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First of all, I opened the GOG page on April 1 (you all know what day it is) and what I saw is TEENAGENT - then I realized it is not a joke.
"OH MY GOD! Finally my dreams come true! The full Teenagent! Here on GOG!"
But then I got dissapointed.
Firstly, the game is in English. I know, GOG is an English-language page. But what I loved was the game in my home language, Polish. This was one of the first major games in Poland and already a huge hit! Years before now, I must add.
Secondly, the game has only 8 MB. "WTF" - I thought. The CD version was MUCH bigger. Then it hit me - it is not the CD version.
I wonder if there is a possibility to put either full CD (speech and everything) with both the game AND the full OST (Teenagent song is till now one of my favourites)?
That's why I thought to give it only 3 stars - minus one for English version, second minus one for NOT putting a full CD version.
But I guess it is for free - so one star more for a score 4/5.