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Why decide to join games in development on
Tangledeep is already a beautiful, polished game with dozens of hours of gameplay. Its procedurally-generated maps, hundreds of items, 9 jobs, and diverse monsters give it high replayability even though the game isn't 100% done yet. Through games in development, we can continue iterating on the game - expanding the dungeon, the story and lore, more items, more jobs, etc. - while also collecting valuable and useful feedback from players!

Approximately how long will this game be in early access?
Tangledeep will be in development until December 2017. We have a clear development roadmap and we expect the full, final game will be released in either November or December.

What do you plan to change during development?
The final version of the game will have significantly expanded story and lore content, more art (i.e. character directional sprites, attack animations), many more items, side areas, jobs, abilities, and secrets, fine-tuned balance, and additional challenge modes, among other things.

What is the current state of your game?
Tangledeep has been in development since February 2016 and already has rich gameplay, Windows & OSX support (Linux works on some distros), full controller support, 50+ monsters hundreds of items... It's in great shape! We are constantly working on the game with new builds every few days.

How can the community participate in the development process?
Tangledeep's development has been very open to the community since day 1! We post development updates on Twitter and our Discord server regularly, as well as through our email list. Andrew (the lead developer) streams development weekly on Twitch as well.

Your feedback, suggestions, comments, and concerns will continue to be heard and rolled into ongoing development!

Will the price change on release day?
There will be no price difference from Early Access to the final game launch.

How often do you expect to release updates?
The game will be updated weekly at a minimum, although for months now, we have been updating even more frequently. We seek to fix any major reported bugs within 24 hours of the initial report.
100% true story! Already worth full price. Can't wait to see the next patches.
February 2nd 2018. Release date - well, full release date has been announced.