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Game version used: 1.30h with both DLCs installed. (The first DLC is probably required; I haven't tested without to see what happens.)

Create a new character, and choose to play Mirat's Story. Go through all of the menus, and when it comes time to name your character, give her the name Shara. You'll still be able to choose feats and game modifiers, but then once the game starts, something interesting happens.

Instead of starting Mirai's Story, as you selected on the first menu, you will be playing Shara's Story, and your initial job selection will be ignored. The other settings you made stick; in this way, I managed to make a hardcore mode Shara save with the feats Toughness and Thirst Quencher. (Hardcore mode is not normally available for Shara, nor are the feats I chose.)