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Just beat Tangledeep with my 3rd Character (all on the easiest mode, 1st two characters reached a point of "I just can't kill the bad guys"). I have the following questions I still haven't figured out.

1) Does opening a gold treasure chest make that floor more difficult or the entire game?
2) Is there any way to tell the rarity of a creature prior to capturing it for the corral?
3) What does grooming your pet actually do? Doesn't seem to improve their stats or happiness level.
4) Does planting seeds that are magical/rarer produce better trees?
5) Is there a way to know when shops (not in town) renew their goods?
6) The only reason to change jobs is to get different active and passive skills, correct?
7) Having your pets with you in combat levels them up. Is there a way to see their level? Is there a max level for them? DO they need to kill or just survive when you kill monsters?
8) Does having the GoldFrog as a pet do anything special?
9) Are there particular monsters that are the best to have as a pet?

And some requests to the devs:
1) Please have your stored items/gold with the banker carry over to NG+. As there is no penalty to removing them, I don't see whats the harm. It might be impossible to do so due to code issues, in which case can you add a warning about it?
2) Is it possible for when you're hovering over the minimap the names of there the ladders go show up? Or maybe a "large" map that performs this function?

In any case mucho fun game, and I a very happy I bought it.

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