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Just decided to try out the new expansion, got a shield with the "Wolf" property (extra damage and defense if you have no pets), and after a while, noticed that enemies aren't doing damage to me, which seems like a rather serious bug.

I actually killed the first boss without taking damage before realizing what happened.

(Note that lava still did damage to my character.)

Guess this bug should be fixed, but for now, I would suggest avoiding the "Wolf" property if you want the game to pose *any* semblence of challenge until the bug is fixed.

(Of course, if you just want to see the eding, you could just play through the game (version 1.30b) with such an item, and plow through the game with zero difficulty, but that's no fun.)
Yes, anything "of the wolf" makes you invincible.
Maarschalk: Yes, anything "of the wolf" makes you invincible.
Enough of a reason to not use it, as it takes away all of the challenge, and does so in a way that isn't particularly fun, especially when I devote so much of my setup to recovery (Floramancer with Radiant Aura and Heavy Guard, also I used to use Blood Debits as well (that ability temporary increases maximum HP which affects the strength of certain healing effects (and lava damage, I believe)).)

I ended up getting that property randomly when upgrading equipment, so I had to spend an orb and some money to get rid of it in order to make the game fair.