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I absolutely love this game and I want to play this in bed sometimes on my MacBook. However, when I run the game on macOS GOG Galaxy, cloud saves option is not present, so I cannot continue playing my Mac saves on my PC? Is there a way to fix this, is it even possible?

Thanks in advance! (P.S. my 'Cloud Saves' option in GOG Galaxy on Mac is turned on)
This question / problem has been solved by Projectsonicimage
I'm not sure about how ToME handles cloud saves in general on Galaxy (the game's main site handles most saved data, not GOG, and IIRC charcter files can be transferred if you search for how to do it), but I do know that GOG has bungled the OSX version a lot here in general. Not only has there been a GOG OSX specific bug report, but updates either take much longer to come out on the platform than Windows and Linux or are even skipped altogether. We didn't get the new Archer or Rogue until the pre-Forbidden Cults updates for example.

Things are up to date now, but if you're concerned I would suggest entering your serial keys over at the redeem link on the main site, and downloading from there. Everything updates at the same time and you have all the benefits/still have all the unlocked data and even preferences.
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Thanks. Actually ended up just using the Steam version because at least with In-Home stream option the game runs super smooth on my laptop when streamed from my gaming rig.

But, for some reason, even though I am logged in all of my versions onto the account, I don't get shared saves for some reason. Perhaps there's a way to fix it, but for now this Steam option works for me.

Thanks for info and I may try it out later, but due to the game running so slow natively on my Mac, I probably will just use stream option til I get a new laptop.