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I'm still playing but less often than before. I have some complaints I guess but I still keep coming back.

Maximizing damage to the real boss is an interesting strategic puzzle. The first time I went in I did about 200k damage but ended up dying. Made it through a few times but couldn't beat the 200k until I adjusted my strategy a bit.

Eventually I got a good combination of skills / cards. I had multiple copies of the card that drops enemy defense by 100 til end of battle. It heals them the next round but that doesn't matter with real boss because he doesn't have hit points. Rejection of humanity is a must. I also think I had a runestone or something that reduced enemy armor with every hit. End up at 14 million.

Didn't think I'd ever beat that but got 70 million today. I didn't have the -100 armor cards but I had a lot of cards that pick cards from the grave.

Keeping boss dude stunned makes surviving easy (three hit vulberable plus vulnerability stuns makes that easy) but had be problematic with all the crappy cards he infects your hand with. Having more other ways to stun him might be better as every three hits = another useless card in your deck.

Next time I think I'll try it without the vulnerability stuns passive but focus on blocs / stuns until I can switch him to the summoning form which should be no problem as long as I can kill his summoned monsters (with cleave) every round.