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Changelog for Patch 1.0.01 / GOG-2 (Linux and Mac) (added 01 September 2016):

- This hotfixes an issue whereby it was possible to lock combat by having a unit die under a fairly specific set of circumstances.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.02 (added 5 September 2016):

- Hotfixed an issue where it was possible to lose ranked-up units by quitting the game at a specific time.

Changelog for Patch 1.0.03 / GOG-5 (Windows) / GOG-3 (Mac) / GOG-4 (Linux) (added 5 September 2016):

- Save games will now resume correctly when loading into combat at Barr'Aaid. (to those affected by this bug - your existing save games should resume without issue. If this is not the case, please contact me at
- Fixed an issue where the enemy AI could lock up upon killing specific units.
- Fixed an issue where restarting combat could cause the player to lose their ranked-up units under specific circumstances.
- Fixed an issue where the Heavy Mercenaries' attacks would occasionally stop working after using Ferocious Strength, rendering the units unable to take any further action.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.04 / GOG-7 (Windows) / GOG-5 (Linux) (added 09 September 2016):

The Mac version will be updated to version 1.0.04 soon.

- Ranked up units will now correctly retain their attack stat upon resuming a saved combat level, as well as between combat levels.
- Fixed an issue in Tira where a collider was incorrectly being left active during combat, which could lead to Tahira standing in some truly nonsensical places.
- Fixed an issue in The Old Quarry where a triggered event would sometimes fire incorrectly after resuming combat.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.05 / GOG-8 (Windows) / GOG-?? (Mac) / GOG-6 (Linux) (added 14th September 2016):

- Warning dialogues have been added to all menu options which could lead to the player losing combat progress (e.g. restarting combat, quitting to main menu), in order to help prevent players unintentionally losing progress.
- The combat objectives in Barr'Aaid have been updated to better reflect that all enemies must be killed in order to advance the game.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1 / GOG-9 (Windows) / GOG-?? (Mac) / GOG-7 (Linux) (added 19 October 2016):


- Added a warning box pop-up for people who have less than 4GB of ram, which displays on boot-up.
- Added a dialogue box that pops up if the game has failed to connect to Steam’s Cloud Saves.
- Split save profiles into cloud save and local save tabs and added the ability to copy saves between the two of them.

General Bugs:

- Stopped a sneaky UI sound from playing when repetitively when it’s not supposed to.
- Cured an issue where the master volume setting was not being retained when you quit the game.
- Fixed some inconsistencies with the sparks from Tahira's Unbound Blast.
- Crushed some recurring text masking problems.
- Gave Tahira’s stat panel a stern talking to. Now it won’t display incorrect ability names.
- ‘Slippery’ no longer freaks out if you run past the same enemy twice in immediate succession. This is good.
- Cured a few mysterious cases of hanging stun icons after enemies were pushed off ledges.
- The game now does a much better job of remembering which profile you were using last when you quit.
- The Claw can now trigger the “Strike” Achievement.
- KO'd a bug that was occurring when two or more enemies were pushed off the same ledge with Ferocious Strike.


- Bribed the audio system to fix an issue where the music would cut out if a loop was initialised while the menu was up.
- Tahira’s run sound was not being effected by the master volume slider, now it is.


- Fixed a typo in the Guard Boost tooltip.
- Clarified some ambiguity in Tahira’s ‘Slippery’ passive tooltip.
- Improved the logic for when to display the stat shields when ‘display all shields’ is switched on.
- Lowered the stun icon when displaying on The Hammer or ones her lackeys.
- Stun swirls now disappear while a character is attacking.
- Fixed an issue where the Steam overlay was getting stuck when ghosting over letter-boxing.
- Improved the UI when crushing people with Seismic Slam.
- The resolution pane in the options menu is no longer a pain in the ass to use.
- Obliterated a very quick shield flicker when moving between enemy attacks.
- Units who cannot be affected by Area of Denial attacks (eg. Sprint or Knights who have Guard Boosted) now have their movement tiles lit up in white, rather than blue.


- Fixed a couple of grammar typos.
- Some minor adjustments to conversations.


- The AI has had a stern talking to and will now change its behaviour when it’s supposed to.

Save Games:

- Took the adventure save system back to school and made sure it knew exactly what it was supposed to be doing during the adventure sections. It’s now a model student.
Jasim and Saja’s Farmstead:
- Stopped the camera going rogue when resuming into combat or adventure mode.
- Made some improvements to the flashbacks in Jasim and Saja's Farmstead.
The Southern Waypoint:
- Removed a duplicate bag and pair of tongs.

A Red Ruin:

- Added cross-fades between Rizq's various body positions.
- With Me Knights of Avestan:
- Smoothed out some camera panning nonsense when the enemy reinforcements arrive.
- Smoothed out some minor weirdness for when the Captain is triggered by moving too close to his archers.
- Baby SFX fades out slightly earlier if you didn't help Rizq.
- Fixed a triggering issue that was placing a conversation under the combat UI when you saved all of the civilians.
- Fixed a strangely off centre camera zoom when rescuing one of the civilian groups.
We Have Been Here Before:
- Roasted an issue where ranks were not transferring correctly into the first battle.
- Added extra bodies into the trees. There were not enough bodies.


- Fixed an issue where The Astral Empire would try a different strategy in part two of combat if you restarted the combat level.
- Changed the starting camera position in part two of combat when restarting it to avoid some funkiness.
- Smoothed out the audio transition between combat one and two.
Walk in the Light:
- Clarified some of the objective text.
- Spanked a few different triggers that were acting out when resuming into combat.

The Light Shifts:

- Fixed an issue with restarting the final part of combat.
- Fixed an obscure issue that could cause some naughty barbarians to begin spawning again.
- Made a number of interactions act consistently when resuming into the
- Rizq now remembers if he’s given up drinking and you quit, then resume.
- Tidied up some of the objective text.
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Changelog for update / (Windows) (added 04 December 2017):

- Installer maintenance update - No game files were changed.
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Changelog for installer update / (Mac) (added 16 December 2017):

- Installer update - No game files were changed.
I got an update notification for the game, but there's no update notes?
I am also confused... is that "savegame directory inside the app bug" fixed now?
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