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Beautiful story and scenes. Perhaps this is the future, interactive movies? Beyond a few very simple puzzles, this is what this felt like, which is fine, since this costs about the same as a movie for two but you could interact in three dimensions and rewind and listen to other characters as well as get some background by reading letters/emails, etc. A couple of issues with plot, I think they push the same sex couples in our face a bit too much, I don't mind, but it just seemed as if the story was unncessarily trying to be PC by capturing as much as possible of homo and hetrosexuality. The plot takes a bit too much from the movie 2001 and could have been a bit more original. Not bad for s a first go though.

Perhaps another game/interactive movie could actually show the characters instead of a colored blob next time? Perhaps this time there wasn't enough of an expense account and time to do the characters, but I'd like to see that happen. In the future, I am sure someone will create something more complete. Perhaps even several "movies" within a cityscape and you can drop in on them and even see them intertwine from time to time to figure out exactly what is happening. Sounds cool.

On my machine there were some technical problems getting from the hub to another location, sometimes when I tried to unplug my "book" as well. Appeared to be caused by memory leaks as the memory went up when these issues occurred. If they happen to you and GOG asks you to resync your backup be SURE to pick the latest version.