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Changelog for Patch 1 (added 03 October 2017):

* Updates to localization for accuracy, particularly for tutorial key bindings.
* Hair band in Sareh's locker now properly labeled as a hair band. (Note: has nothing to do with the 1980s.)
* Various small fixes to in-game text formatting.
* Small fixes to in-game tutorials (text and behavior; rebound keys should display, and tutorial option should save properly).
* Items should no longer fall through the floor on subsequent reloads into gravitized wings.
* Improved collision in a few areas to smooth player motion.
* Mechanical Engineering door should no longer be locked if the player backtracks.
* Resolution resets should no longer occur inappropriately when in Windowed mode on Windows.
* Returning from the Biomedical wing and having the skull appear in-hand should only occur the first time (if left behind in Hub); skull can also be carried back to Biomedical should the player so desire.
* Occupied locations for putting items back in place should no longer prompt the user.
* Overlay text for in-world writing appears at the proper time when the option is toggled.
* Player does not lose camera movement from initial animation when pressing a key/button.
* Loading a save game while an AR desktop is open will now properly allow the player to crouch.
* End credits display properly in 21:9 screen resolution
* Darts are properly saved and loaded.
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Changelog for patch 2 (added 14 December 2017):

- Fixed an issue where Graphics Options were sometimes not applied as intended.
- Improved gamepad recognition and support
- Minor interface improvements (accepting d-pad input for navigating options menus and other minor tweaks)
- Major update: added Simplified Chinese and Italian to list of localized languages!
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Changelog for Commentary Mode Update (added 16 May 2018):

We added in a brand new COMMENTARY MODE! Tacoma now includes over 2 hours of audio commentary from the designers, writers, artists, programmers and more who brought Tacoma to life. There’s details shared and secrets spilled about the game development process and our thinking on Tacoma’s characters and fictional world--so come along with us and click these shiny icons that are now appearing all over Tacoma Station!