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Hi everyone.

So, I'm playing System Shock 2 for pretty much the first time, as the last time I played it was years (decade?) ago and don't remember finishing it.

In 1920x1080 resolution, the vertical mouse speed seems WAY too high and kind of difficult to control. Is there any way to decrease the vertical mouse speed in game, or via a .ini file or something?

Actually that didn't really address the issue. The vertical movement is just straight up faster than the horizontal. That post seems like it's talking about the weird issue where you look straight up or down and can barely turn left/right.
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Do what FLeK0 said. Turn off "vsync_mode" to "0" in the cam_ext.cfg file.

It seemed to help me a bit at least. The vertical mouse sensitivity feels a bit better. It's still far from perfect, for me at least but I'm extremely picky when it comes to the mouse input, but it's better than before which was almost unplayable.
pretty sure there are special variables to set the X/Y sensitivity. no need to mess with the vsync.
voodoo47: pretty sure there are special variables to set the X/Y sensitivity. no need to mess with the vsync.
I've been unable to find any. Applying the 2.4 NewDark patch over the top fixes the sensitivities but breaks the videos so for now there is a trade off.
see new_config_vars.txt in the docs folder.

as for the videos, apply ss2tool from the sticky topic, if that's not enough, see the last resort fix for videos (under useful links).
Try changing mouse_sensitivity_y_scale in user​.​bnd from 1.0 to 0.625

My display is 16:10 and this value worked for me. For aspect ratio 16:9 value 0.5625 should work.
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Odd, I'm not noticing any difference. And every time I try to change the sensitivity in the actual game the mouse_sensitivity_y_scale resets itself to its default value inside the user.bnd.
it should be placed inside cam_ext.cfg, if I'm not mistaken.
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From new_config_vars​.​txt:

this is actually a bind var ("user​.​bnd") and not a .cfg var. It's a scale factor, applied on top of the
general mouse sensitivity, for vertical mouse movement (mouse_sensitivity * mouse_sensitivity_y_scale).
The default is 1.0.

And yes, changing sensitivity ingame resets this value.
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