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Really enjoying the game. Control scheme is very malleable.

But there are two things I would like to know how to fix.

1) Fixing the tool-tip display keyboard shortcut.

This is done manually in inventory view, by clicking the question mark and then clicking an item.
Info panells say you should be able to hold "ctrl & left click". This doesn't work.

When in inventory mode, ctrl makes you crouch. Even if I have unbound ctrl from crouch. It wont work in shoot mode, but does anyway in inventory mode.

2) Similarly, the split function.

Only here, there is no manual way to do this. It says on an info panell to do hold "alt' which will change the cursor to a split icon. This doesnt work as Alt makes you walk backwards, even if you have un-assigned the key.

RetroNutcase goes on to explain here how he has fixed the split issue here:

He says he added "bind alt+split" to the BND file and it is fixed. Thing is, this is already in the BND file for me anyway; under the 'game stuff' sub-title.

Anyone else noticed this? Know a full fix?
I added
bind alt+split
bind alt "split"

second one seemed to work!
I have no problem with split or tool-tip, both work great for me. I am using SS2Tool 5.0 and have rebound movement keys to keypad, so not sure if they were broke by 'default'.
yeah, this issue should be fixed when you repatch with the latest ss2tool.
Before I updated ss2tool, I tried to edit my bind file as well.

I discovered that it's not "bind alt+split"'s "bind alt +split"...notice the space between alt and +?

Just add that in and it'll work.

Updating ss2tool to the latest version works as well.