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just wanted to say- thank you Gog...I had this game way back, loved it.....3 years ago I tried to resurrect it, bought a disk off ebay needed patches, used up all the advice I got from other sites etc... took me several trys an hours to set up, had to turn off hyper threading at exactly the right moment while it was loading, a hit or miss venture, loading issues, cut scene issues.. etc...I gave up....

I just bought it here, did the DX install, I have played the game thru the recruitment center, smooth as silk.....slick as snot, whatever...fantastic....hats off guys...., thx for resurrecting this classic, really....they really don't make them like this anymore, a game you can pay $40 for and get 60- 80 hours of great play with great replay value too.....warren spector is the man....