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When I saw that the game went on sale and there was MAC support added I had no other choice than just to buy it. And when I first started the game I was astonished. I mean. I don't complain about the visuals or stuff. This game reminds me of Deus Ex but in a different way. It is quite spooky too. Hahahaha.

So tell me. What character did you choose for your journey? I went Marines - 2 strength, 1 cyber affinity and 1 energy weapons, 2 endurance.

I am not sure if that was a good choice because it seems that until I get more modules I am unable to hack things. Well. At least I have that pistol. It came quite handy when I first met that "hybrid" kind of thing that totally freaked me out.

Well post your impressions and such. I am really enjoying this. Nothing is better than a cold beer and this in early morning hours.