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The downloadable midi soundtrack. Not sure if all but definitely atleast several tracks seem to be way too fast. They don't sound like in game. Anyone have a more accurate version for download? Or how would I go about slowing down them myself.
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Here you can download the original MIDI soundtrack and the remixed MP3 version of every single track.
I've not checked if there are any differences with the MIDI files provided by GOG.
The GOG soundtrack is definitely gimped, including an odd track ordering, however it only contains one fan-mix, while most other soundtracks have fan-mixed intermixed with the standard track mix. I am going to write the word 'mix' at least one more time during this post.

I have found that the version on ffshrine is superb to the GOG version:
ffshrine of course always demands that you register yet another account every time you visit their site, they must love to remove inactive users from their userbase :)

The ffshrine edition has a logical track order, and have the added fan-mixes at the end of the track order.