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First off i love GOG as a platform and it's my preferred option to play anything that isn't an online game, but for the life of me i can't get why despite having a superior release (including goodies and the like when compared to the Steam release) and considering more and more games have been getting the achievement treatment, the Enhanced Edition has not received such love from GOG QA.

Apologies if this is not the right place to voice this concern but i can't stress how much the fun factor for absolute classic masterpieces such as this increases when you manage to pour a little bit of the modern completionist sensibilities into them.

I hope this gets to the right place so perhaps on a small update we get something of the sort.

Happy holidays love y'all!

Edit: after checking out it turns out basically both releases are the same, including the lack of achievements (although the steam store page claims there ARE achievements). In any case, how hard would it be to implement something like that? it would really be a welcome addition considering GOG can be a little underwhelming in the achievement department.
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As far as I know, achievements are implemented in game by its developers using the client API, so GOG has nothing to do with their lack.