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Hi all, I just downloaded SS2 English for my shiny new iMac (new iMac 2019, Mac OS 10.14.4). My problem: I can't install the game: the installer starts, displays a folder-selection-window without any description, and then successfully ends - without any game data, app or whatever showing up. Not in the folder I selected (tried my home-folder and the applications-folder), not in the applications-folder.

I tried installing it on the command line, toggeled the verbose-option etc., but there's no error, no nothing.

I read the support page for the game, but SS2 is not a boxer-game (wine instead), and it's not delivered as a dmg (it's a pkg), so most of the stuff there does not apply. The Accessibility-Thing is weird, the button desribed on the support page is not there in recent versions of os x, but I think that topic is related to gameplay, and not the installer.

Does anybody know what's going wrong here? What's the intention of the folder-selection-window? Where should all the game data end up - directly in Applications, or somewhere in the file system with justa link in Applications?

I remember downloading an older version, I think it was a dmg, an it worked flawless - on my old mac...
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I just gave it another try with

sudo installer -verboseR -pkg system_shock_2_enUS_2_47_nd_22140.pkg -target "/Volumes/Macintosh HD"

According to command output, everything is ok and installation went well.

I checked /var/log/install.log afterwards, and there are several errors of type "./postinstall: /Applications/System Shock File name too long" in it.

And: Still nothing showing up in Applications :-(

Any ideas??
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