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***Don't read this if you have not finished the game yet.***

So, I just finished SS2 for the first time. One of the greatest games I've ever played, and with the community mods it looks/runs smoothly and gorgeous nowdays.

... but there is the end. It was kind of an anti-climax, I guess.

You see, I never played SS1 (yet), but just by the reviews and visual presentation of SS2 you know who Shodan is, and from start it is easy to spot that she is in fact the voice that guides your. Her appearance in level 4 is really epic, but I guess much more impactful for who have played the original game.

But she is really not YOUR enemy. Unless you remember her from the past, she is a taunting voice that guides/manipulates you, and you know that your relationship with her is going to end well... But she is not the one chasing you, fighting your, looking fo your head. The cyber-fleshy Many are (is?) much creepier and dangerous.

Besides that, the plot of the Many is really developed, piece by piece, during the gameplay. What they are, how the mission found them, how they really work. Damn, you even got into the belly of the beast. There, in that huge room (body cavity?), running like crazy from a pack of rumblers, having almost no time to figure out what to do, trying to squeeze a shoot in the few seconds possible... That is where the game have its real, epic climax.

Then comes the outro. Besides the final combat being kind of boring (do you have ICE picks? No? So just die 100 times until you can click fast enough to hack before dying, or shoot 500 times), her final motivation just appears from nothing. Where in the game before did you have any clue that she could use the ship to change the universe? I was expecting a classic "now-that-I've-used-you, die, insect", that would be chessy, but at least making sense, instead of the world-menace that is thrown from nowhere (and what's more cheesy than the very last scene in the escape pod?).

So, from the viewpoint of a first-time SS player, having the fight with her before going inside the Body of the Many would have fit better. But I guess that would be unnacceplable from the viewpoint of SS1 players. After all, she was the big villain then, and having that connection with the first game in the last level should have been awesome.

What do you think? Anybody had similar impressions? Or it really worked out the way it is? What think people who player the first game or not?

(as I said before, one of the best games ever, I just want to discuss this particular aspect of the game)
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