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I went through some forums and it seems it's possible to limit or disable the respawn rate. As it is the thing that annoys me most on SS2 (always has), I'd like to do disable respawn entirely.

Only problem is all the guides point to "no_spawn" command in the user.cfg file which doesn't seem to be present in the GOG release. Any tips? Can I just type "no_spawn" in the cam_ext.cfg file?

Just create your own user.cfg file. Done.
cbarbagallo: Just create your own user.cfg file. Done.
And then just type in "no_spawn"? That's it?

Also can you tell me how to reduce the weapon damage rate which seems a bit ridiculous?
Post edited February 15, 2013 by Aalda11
Same file, insert:

gun_degrade_rate p

Where 0 <= p <= 1