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Im playing on OSX Mavericks. The game is patched up to 2.3 through the SS2tool (I understand there is a 2.42 patch as well but I can’t figure out how to apply it…whatever) and is modded with the usual popular mods.

However, regardless of the mods and even on the vanilla unpatched version the Pyro Field psi skill when stacked over 3 other active buff skills emits a constantly repeating glitched audio stab thats just unbearable…

Is this a known issue that has an easy fix? Or even is there a way to just disable the audio associated with the skill so I can at least enjoy utilizing it on my play thought? I hate it so much!
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yes, pyro field is bugged - this happens when you save and load while it is active, I believe. you will have to go through bulkheads to fix it.
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Bulkheads dont fix the issue. They just reset the skills so I have to reapply them.

I never saved with it active nor with it purchased either. The bug occurs even with one skill active now too...

I guess it cant be helped. How disappointing.
interesting. any chance you could post a save with the glitch?
Is the game purchased from GOG or a retail version? If it's GOG/ DD it should have the new dark patch (2.4+) applied by default. If the 2.3 patch has actually been applied over a 2.4 version it may well cause issues. Don't think that SS2tool would allow that though, and I'm sure it has an option to apply the 2.42 patch for you if it were missing.