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Hi there.

Has anyone tested System Shock 2 with the Vireio or Vorpx driver?
Is it possible to map the mouse input to the headtracking, or implement an aiming system like for the Wii(the more you looked at the outer borders of the screen - the more you would rotate in that direction)?

It would make my heart stop when i would only hear a cyborg midwive but the feeling of actually be there would be even more awesome.

So has anyone of you tried it already?
The Oculus Rift hardware isn't even out of beta yet. Wait until consumer headsets are available.
Devs state it's not compatible yet:

I don't think anyone will rush to add legacy games to that list, so the next best guess would probably be to wait for a general solution applicable to any game or bother people who know how to code for OVR. Basic support is in, afaik:
Hmm strange. i read that SystemShock 2 is supported with VorpX when using the directx 9 mod.

The VorpX driver is now available in beta stage but it costs 30$ which is a but even costs more when the final version comes out. I think the programmer should drop the price to 10$ and everyone will buy sidetracked....

I hoped someone here has tested SystemShock 2 with the OR DevKit and could provide a little review on how this game is supported(does it work fine, or are there any issues with menus/movement/fov and so on).

Cant wait for the consumer version...but the devkit also is too low res to really enjoy it(unless you are a developer and need the hardware to optimise your software).

I wish i had a set....i would use a wiimote and nunchuck for movement/control with glovepie. that should prevent that awful feeling when using the mouse to rotate the view.
lets just say that good things come to those who wait.
voodoo47: lets just say that good things come to those who wait.
...and then you are old and recognise you were waiting far too long...and then you die ;)

But that statement coming from seems you are already at it...don't you?
it's someone else.
Hmmm Kolya i guess, but thanks for the reply. at least i now know that someone is working on it. cannot wait for the consumer version of the oculus.