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Hi, from what i know (and i can be mistaken), ss2 sales wasn't good back then, wonter how it goes today, with support.

Basicly i'm interested how much copies of this wonderful game sold :)
yeah, this would be an interesting information, but I doubt GOG can reveal it just like that.

according to wiki, the game originally sold almost 60 000 copies. SS2 wishlist had 35 000 signatures, so I guess it would be safe to assume that a good deal of those guys have purchased the game as soon as it became available. add those who have been lured in by the hype, and there is a good chance that the GOG sales have already exceeded the original sales.
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Wiki number is bollocks- it's NPD who only do the US/NA. Straight from the horses mouth as of around March-April 2000 it had sold 200-220k copies confirmed.

I'd update wiki but I know that would be pointless, despite coming from Levine usenet will not be considered a credible source, much as it was pointless trying to get the massively out of date EA rumour removed despite everyone knowing that Star owns the IP due to their ridiculous sourcing rules.
I don't think money was massively lost on these games, but both SS1 and SS2 would be what I consider massive critical successes but overall commercial failures. SS1 had to compete with Doom and SS2 was drowned out by Half-Life. I would love to see how many people bought it on GOG since it was release. Seeing the notice that it was being released for sale was a huge shock to me, I never though it would happen. I hope they did well by it.
It's already #28 on the list of Gog bestselling games.

I watched it and it climbed the list very quickly. With some time and some discounts, it should reach the Top 10.