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I just downloaded and installed SS2. Unfortunately i can't hear the voice at the very beginning of the game. I can hear my steps but nothing else. If i use the elevator and go to the Basic Training I am stuck and can't go further. But this maybe isn't important because i have no idea how this game works, so probably I am doing something wrong. I also used SS2 Tool and installed all the recommended Mods (the ones on gog). If i do a speaker test there is no sound with any option activated at all. I also just installed the newest driver for my onboard (Realtek) sound card and also checked that OpenAL is installed.

My system:
- Win7 x64
- HD5850
- M5A78L/USB3

Hope there's someone who can help me.

P.S.: Also started the game with admin rights. Bias slider is in the middle.
Post edited June 24, 2013 by leeter
this sometimes happens when running the game from program files. not using openal might help as well.