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This seems to be the newest version of NewDark I can find, Voodoo mentioned it in one of his posts. But is v2.43 really the latest? Its over 7 months old:

I don't see any info on a newer version of ShockEd Toolkit. All I've seen is 1.3.1, and the last time that was updated was January 16, 2013!
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Found it, they're calling it something else now. Ran into it out of shear luck :P

ShockEd Basic Toolkit 1.13
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remember, you will still need to get the "raw" NewDark package and extract to the SS2 folder before you do the same with the toolkit for things to work properly.

it's also recommended to uncomment

edit_screen_depth 32
in DromEd.cfg to enable the hw rendering mode, and set a higher resolution in User.cfg.
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