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Basically what the title said.

Most of you will likely think that it is no big deal, just play the game again, the game practically needs to be replayed again and again anyway, but still... darn, darn, darn!
unless it has been burned to ashes, it should be possible to extract the data from the hdd.
The problem is that it is an old IDE harddrive, not the *new* SATA one, and I can't seem to find an external closure with an IDE connector. I'm still looking around for it, of course. Well, if worse comes to worst I guess I'll just start over again, but darn if I do not say that this is really annoying. On the bright side I am finally getting a new gaming laptop... if you can call that a bright side, that is :-)
ah yes, the 2.5 ide to usb adapter, I never leave home without that. there are tons of them on ebay and similar.
I am still hoping to find one in the local stores. I hope I'll find one. I really don't want to waste those 15 hours (which in reality might be more than 15 hours because it does not take into account the game reloads) just yet. I did make a few terrible decisions along the way, like picking the Naturally Able on OS Upgrades and putting unnecessary points on Heavy Weapon while I end up barely use it, etc. So maybe in the long term it is not that bad to start over again. Well. we'll see.
System found! Managed to grab the save game files. Now I can continue with the game :-D