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My friends and I are playing through the game, there is a specific bulkhead in Hydroponics that always crashes the game without fail. It leads to the enclosed area full of water and walls lined with plants; with a regulator at the far end of the area.

On our first playthrough we ran up against this door, crashed every time and eventually presumed we had corrupted our savegame. We decided to start a new playthrough while rotating our savegames amongst ourselves for extra safety.

Sadly we have arrived at this bulkhead and once more it continues to crash us every time we try to go back through it, no matter what savegames we try to use. It would seem our playthrough has come to an abrupt end and we're powerless to remedy our problem.

If anyone has any advice that'd be very helpful, otherwise; I'm definitely going to be taking my patronage away from GOG for my future game purchases.
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try sharing all your shock2.log and crash.dmp files (zip them, upload to some online storage, post the link).
voodoo47: try sharing all your and files (zip them, upload to some online storage, post the link).
I've found a crash .dmp file but can find no .log file in my game directory. Could you also recommend me a site for file sharing? Thanks for your help.
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Ah here we go. www[dot]mediafire[dot]com/?u04f47n80r41377

Here is the crash file, I'm afraid I couldn't make it much smaller with 7zip.
a 50 mb file is ok (will dl later today). any chance you have a save right before the crash? with a bit of luck, I should be able to load your saves, and hopefully go through the problematic place, save, and share them again. do note that I would need saves from both players to attempt this.
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