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Hello there! I am currently on my first playthrough of the game in Windows 7, but I simply can't seem to get past the first rooms on the third deck. The game always crashes when I arrive at a certain point in the level - namely, the room to the right of the elevator, the with the OS Upgrade machine. I initially thought it was a problem with the save, but I have already reloaded 5 different files (I am quite a compulsive saver) and the game simply doesn't stop crashing whenever I enter that room... in fact, sometimes it happens even sooner, right after I get off the elevator. I've also tried reinstalling the game and re-doing SS2Tool, but such a course of action also yielded no results.

Has anyone else encountered such a problem? I am using a few mods (SHTUP, SHMUP, Four Hundred, Vurt's Hi-Res Space and Vurt's Organics) and have SS2Tool v5.1 installed.

Thanks in advance!
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have you tried disabling the mods? anyway, you should have a crash.dmp and a shock2.log in your SS2 folder, zip them up, upload to sendspace or similar and post the link.