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I'm in the game and have 2 points in maint like people have suggested because apparently putting points in Repair is "useless"

but when I try to repair it I have to have a repair device to fix it, and it only repaired my weapon up 1 point; how is that effective than having the repair skill repair it for less Nanites?

I did install the newbie mods, do the mods fix this issue in the vanilla game and I SHOULD be putting points in Repair then?

I'm just all confused.
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I believe the issue is that Repair has limited use in vanilla. A few replicators and weapons are all it can be used for. As long as you maintain weapons you never need to bother repairing them.

The cyber modules are better off used on other skills, honestly.
You'd probably be less confused if you stopped calling maintenance tools "repair devices".
the only problem with repair is that it's called repair - it should be called unjamming instead.
Oh I don't know. Because IT IS?
It might be useless if you use maintain on weapons, however it can be useful early on if your skill is high enough to repair the broken shotguns that are found on some of the hybrids.