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Hi! Anybody played the demo in Win 7 64 bit? I can't go beyond the first screen (the one with "developed with Unity" or something similar), the game always crashes on it.

My PC is below the requirements, but one reviewer said he was able to run it anyway. So I'm wondering if this might be the problem or it's a general issue with Win 7.

I have a i7-2620M 2.7GHz, 8 md ram and a poor NVIDIA 520M as GPU...
I have win7, Athlon64 X2/HD6850 1GB/6GB ram, and it runs. barely.
voodoo47: I have win7, Athlon64 X2/HD6850 1GB/6GB ram, and it runs. barely.
No Windows issue, then. Probably Probably I'm running short on the GPU department (besides having 1GB memory, it runs well behind any 1GB desktop GPU in other features.

Thanks for the answer!
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I can run it no problem, aside from slight stutter in certain smokey areas near the ladder up and small one down area.
It still crashes in that area though.. :(
Win 7 64bit
I5 3570K
EVGA GeForce GTX660TI.

Your GPU is the killer, since it's a minimum 670 it states. Which is why i'm surprised it works so well -aside from the crash, which others are having too- i'm hoping they drop the minimum to my 660TI
I get the same crash after the Unity logo.
Win7, nvidia gtx960, intel i7 cpu, 16GB ram
I Also have crash after the Unity logo

Win7, ATI 6870 , intel i5 cpu, 8GB ram