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I couldn't get the cutscenes to play either, even after installing SS2Tool. However, by switching the hardware driver (I have multiple monitors) I was able to get it working.

Hope this helps!
That dll worked, it fixed the crash too, weirdly enough. Thanks! I hope it didn't break something else.
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Al3xand3r: I had crashes from before, when pressing the teleport nav removal key, which I set to shift+z. Unrelated to the videos, just saying. The log file is pretty big to paste here so I guess I'll wait for when you can check it. Trying dll now...
there should be a crash.dmp file in your shock2 folder. make it available for download, please.
I couldn't find a good share site, can you download from this place now? It's web based file sending, not normal upload/download, so it only works as long as I too have the page open...

Unless you can link me to a file sharing site that doesn't require login etc.

Edit: well, someone downloaded it, I'm assuming it was you and closing the page...
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That is just odd when it first installed ss2tool the cutcenes still did not work even with the dll patch checked yet when I switched the resolution back the default then back to my normal resolution they starred working.
Edit They work full time now just need to remember to launch the game via shock 2 and not via the mod manager
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