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The game has crashed six times for me in the past hour. Once when I tried to bring up the compass, and the rest when switching ammo type for whatever gun I was using. Since ammo switching seems to be essential in this game, its basically unplayable until I can get it fixed.

Anyone else have a problem like this or have any ideas as to what's wrong?
share the shock2.log and crash.dmp (you will have to upload them to some sharing site like sendspace or mediafire and post the link). optimally, make a crash dump with the ammo switching, upload it, and make another one with the compass, and upload that as well.
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well, my crash.dmp is 186megabytes, is it supposed to be that large? Maybe the multiple crashes conflated it. I suppose I should delete it and play for a few minutes to get it to crash again and upload that one instead.
no, zip it with max compression, it should get much, much smaller, and share it.
Got it to crash again and the crash.dmp is the same large size so I'll just use 7zip on it and upload that with the shock.log.
what were you doing when the last crash happened?
I clicked on the ammo change cycling for my handgun. Took two changes for it to crash.
Here's the crash dump and the shock.log ->
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ok. will check it out when I get back from work (can't download anything on the corporate network).
Yeah I can confirm that I have also had the same crash occur when changing ammo.
share shock2.log and crash.dmp as well.
ok, try starting a new game and test whether you are able to crash it again.
I actually had a crash when switching ammo as well, but I seem to have found a work around by dragging the ammo of choice to my weapon and switching it that way.
again, share shock2.log and crash.dmp, this would help quite a bit.
The crashing started about 3 hours in for me, so everything worked at the start. I've a started a new game per your request and the compass works fine. I'm looking for alternate ammo at the moment and will post again.

...Okay, crash still happens, I was about 10 minutes in, switched ammo a second time and it crashed. So a new game doesn't stop it.
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does it also crash when you use the ammo change hotkey?