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I double click my "System Shock 2" direct access file, and it doesn't even open. It just crashes.

I hope the fact that I have Intel HD Graphics card is not the problem...

EDIT: I think the problem is with my Spanish translation.
This translation creates some new subfolders (strings, interface, iface, ...), it also substitutes the cutscenes with new ones with spanish subtitles.

If I uninstall this translation the game starts playing the intro and goes into the main menu no problem.

I'll look more into this, if I find a solution I'll post it back here.
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Well, of course the problem was the new Build from GOG that makes it more difficult to Mod the game.

The fix is
1) Installing SS2Tool first (with this fix).
2) Installing the translation as usual.

This reply should be marked as Solution. I don't know how.
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