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So, was just thinking how cool an idea it would be to bring the story, music, and feel from SS1 into the SS2 engine in order to enjoy it updated, and then found the screenshots for Citadel Conversion Project on ttlg:

Looks really cool, a shame it seems to have died a couple years back. With the release on GoG, do you think there's a possibility this could start up again? Are the assents or any of the previous team still around?
I don't really think there's a point to this remake, since engine of SS2 just isn't advanced enough to be a good substitution to that of SS1 - it is more advanced than SS1 engine, sure, but modded SS1 looks pretty good in higher resolutions, and with mouselook mod you even get SS2 functionality.
Ya think so? I tried it out and thought it looked multiple generations behind a fully modded SS2. Dosbox worked like hell on my system, especially with graphics scaled up. And the HUD is much less intuitive. Wouldn't porting to SS2 engine also open the possibility for (albeit buggy) co-op?
the main point (of choosing the SS2 engine) was avoiding legal issues, if I remember correctly, something that is not relevant anymore.

right now, the best thing to do is hope that projects like revert3d will reach playable state someday.