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EchoOfMidgar: Cmon, who would ever build a spaceship like this? It makes absolutely no sense. F..e. those squares on the wall, what...why? What's that? What's its purpose? What's the purpose of having walls skewed like in the first Tomb Raider games? It's just ridiculous....

Back in the day, when computers' power was not strong, it was the best approach when building levels but now it just looks bad and awful when replicated to the modern era with modern graphics.

Also what's wrong with all the lights? Is this some kind of disco? One room and every corner of it has a different color. The wall are blue, one corner is orange, the opposite one is red, the one next to red is green.....I am just speechless.....Just awfull...
you are gay for not liking this game
I'll just say, this thread gave me the incentive to play through the original SS1 again (done so several times through the years). And having finished it again, I again echo the OP and think he's exactly on point. Anyone who thinks that the weird abomination that this remake's graphics/style are looking to be, actually captures the original's own, is honestly deluded and doesn't get the original game, or its style/feel, or what made it so great. Not at all.

Honestly though if at this point it comes down to having another abortive fail of a remake that will make a mockery of a spectacular classic game, or just have it cancelled altogether (as all too many crowdsourced games are doing lately it seems), it would just be just as well have it go away and just take the disappointment. Awkward controls and ancient engine/graphics or not, as far as I'm concerned the awesomeness of the original can continue to stand on its own in that case.
SS remake is gorgeous. Just as cluttered and claustrophobic as the original. I dig neon retro-wave aesthetic. But I can understand if someone doesn't.
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