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None of the mods I installed are working. What did I do wrong?
This question / problem has been solved by voodoo47image
they are loaded properly (though you shouldn't be using RealSG Rebirth without Rebirth itself). looking at the mods loaded, you definitely should see an improvement in the world textures, plants and guns - start the game and go to the training area to be able to see this. if you think it's still not working, post screenshots.

also, definitely consider adding SCP and SHTUP-ND, SCP makes the maps much more mod friendly (among other things), and SHTUP-ND is the one mod you never want to start SS2 without.
Post edited August 16, 2016 by voodoo47
WHEW, finally made them to work. This is my new order:

One last question. What's the difference between RealSG_Rebirth and RealSG_1.0.1 and should I have them both installed?
only one should be active at any given time, the Rebirth version if you use Rebirth and the regular version of you use the original AI models.

so in your case, use just the Rebirth version.