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REF 21 Cape Town
All solutions I've found are wrong (-:
Before you start there is a cut scene showing Police force flying to Unguided zone - use this force to do your mission fast.

Wear Clone Shields + Indoctrinator immediately.
Run close to the wall toward the de Saxo.
When on the edge go toward her location.
For sake of being generous drop her 4 Grenades and run to IML Link.
When you lose the chasing party
wear Clone Shield again and walk nicely to the IML Link.

If done properly you killed at most 2 Zealots and 1 Unguided. In the resting place of de Saxo you can see too many Zealots and at least 3 Hoover cars scratching their heads and asking "what just have happened?".
Also: a few Unguided should survive because Zealots who woke up when de Saxo was bombed diverted Police attention. So... you are the good guy, right?
I'd rather uninstall Syndicate and Syndicate Wars than check if the sad Zealots party would allow me to pick up Satelite Rain. Nevermind, I'm not using it anyways.

I have no idea where is the skin lvl.4 which is said to be found in this mission - I've never found it there.
Ref 20 Reykjavik
Take LRRifles, Launchers, Nuclear Grenades to the party (Automedikits and Medikits? Why not. Some crowd control anything? Sure.)

Start the party after passing the red line on the entrance to the compound. Kill agents: preferably with LRRifles, Launchers if you feel you need it.
There will come more from the compound + some reinforcements from outside. LRRifles are more than sufficient for that.

There are 4 cisterns and two agents between them. Target 2 cisterns closer to you - at least one unnerved agent will come to discuss with you what are you doing. Finish the discussion with him and avoid the discussion with the other one with LRRifle.
That would make 2 hoover cars with Plasma Lances spawn + the chase team in the IML Link, let's keep it for later.

For now destroy any other targets.
Remember that you can destroy any of targets from hills outside of the compound (especially that cisterns and the tower).

When you finish other targets go to hills Nuke the tower and cisterns, enjoy the view of spawned troops waiting for you, run to them on the line perpendicular to the line of entering the compound, observe on the radar how agents and militia is run enthusiastically toward you with LRRifles, Launchers and Plasma Lances.
When they do make a surprise and run toward the building (45° angle on the map) so they try some hide and seek with you. Show them you are bored and continue running toward IML Link, hit space when possible.

You saved lives of 3 agent on foot, 2 in Hoover cars and I never counted how many militia guys. You are the true hero, celebrate this with all your Agents