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I miss descriptions how people approached particular levels in this forum.
Let me know what was your approach to missions!
Let me start:

REF19: [Bahrain]
1. Nuclear Grenade to the building opposite to the IML Link -> everyone is dead due to building collapse or High Explosives going off from dead punks.
2. LRRifle one flying car by one from the middle of the pool until all are done
3. Nuclear Grenade IML Link (starting location) to drop railway tracks onto punks (and tank)
4. Pass narrow bridge cleaning punks. Then clean up the rest of the punks near the wide bridge.
5. Nuclear Grenade the temple with cash, go there from the opposite side to the original entrance (there is a trap otherwise)
6. Persuade who you can, let them pick weapons. If you feel very nasty - wear Clone Shield and pick up the tank from defenders
7. Persuade as many agents as you can, kill the rest.
8. Enjoy

REF18: [Sevastopol]
1. Take off punks guarding the entrance
2. Wear clone shields by the whole team - steal the first tank (near the bike). Your shield is not using energy while you are in the tank. Take it to the top of the map. Then take the other one. Then steal the flying car.
3. In the location of storing vehicles wear off clone shield and pick up Plasma Lances. Charge and destroy flying cars.
4. Nuclear Grenade the closer gathering of punks w/ a tank which couldn't be stolen. Then run back and throw more grenades into the other gathering running into you after the explosion.
5. Nuclear Grenade the IML Link to kill off many punks.
6. Finish up the level.
7. Take a briefcase between buildings on the left side of the map

REF18: [New Delhi]
1. Kill off everyone in the bottom right quarter of the map with LRRifle.
2. Kill off everyone in the top right base (not the one across the water)
3. Trow the nuclear grenade into the firetruck from the conquered base
4. Kill off everyone with the LRRifle in the bottom left base
5. Take a flying car from EuroCorp militia, park it somewhere in the base near the water.
While being in that car never ever ever use "blue funk" (drug to attack anyone - even without a weapon).
It's weird but you can somehow kill off yourself (there is one EuroCorp militia in that car - prob. you are selfshooting the car you are in? I still can't understand this).
6. Set up Cerberus IFF near the exit of the tube outgoing from the island
Also - pick 3 agents who stays near that exit and one who goes to the island.
7. Selected agent wear Clone Shield, Super Shield, Red Mist and use the tube to the island.
Go near the enter to the other tube, take off Clone Shield and run to the tube enter.
8. Take off the Punks who go after you - pick up High Explosive one of them leaves.
9. Go pick up Nuclear Grenades from the other base dropped by Punks.
10. Come back - for some reasons you can wear the Clone Shield again, go to the island and steal the car - now there are no Punks in there.
11. Either redo the trick with biting punks to the mainland or set up a nice LRRifle base on the island to take down as many punks as possible before using rocket launchers and such, or take put them down using LRRifle from car.
12. Whatever you are doing remember - there are 2 Plasma Lances in there, if both are on the mainland you are safer to pick up punks by LRRifle from a flying car, otherwise - the tube approach is safer. Remember to not trigger explosion of the Trigger Wire. Remember to collect it. Remember that there should be a briefcase in the mainland base close to the water. Prob with cash. It's always nice to have some cash ;-)
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REF17: [Cairo]
1. Use Launchers to tear down the IML Link - it kills the target (you can immediately evacuate, but don't do it yet :P) and a few Zealots attacking you.
2. Walk slightly to the bottom left quarter of the map - just to make the Zealots flying car aware of your existence. Then take it off by Launchers.
3. Wear Clone Shields and run to the car in the bottom left quarter of the map - between two buildings. Steal it from Zealots and land near the original starting place. For some reasons that way you avoid spawning 4 or 6 Zealots which is just much easier way for this mission.
4. Nuclear Grenade the building in the far left bottom corner (from flying car for example) and fly a bit off to not get hit by the building collapse. Take off remaining zealots and militia. Fish for briefcase and the Plasma Lance. Take off Cerberus IFF. While wearing Clone Shields take a flying car to the place de Saxo died to pick up stasis field or something like this. Then go back to recharge or fly straight to the evacuation zone. When you see the message mission completed, leave the flying car and have some fun with killing Zealots. When things get too hot press space :-)
REF16: [Johannesburg]
1. Kill with LRRifle the Zealot who welcome you with the Minigun - pick it up.
Kill the Zealot to who is walking to great you with the Zapping Gun - pick it up if you like.
2. Kill off Zealots in the temple in the top left corner. Kill Zealots near. Congrats - you just cleared the final hiding place to which de Saxo would go.
3. Kill off Zealots near the Bank on the edge of the map. Congrats! You just cleared the 3rd place (I guess?) to which de Saxo would go. Pick up Launcher
4. Go the your starting location. Fire Launcher to the building with the "middle" tube until the building and the tube collapse. You've just took down 2 Zealots in the first de Saxo hideout.
5. Persuade as many civies as you can, let them pick up as much weapon as they can.
6. Go to the Zealots compound near the bike and two dead punks. The greeting committee has rocket launchers so pick them one by one - use the power of the crowd shooting if needed. Three hiding Zealots won't hide any more if you right click&hold the building while using the Launcher. For some reasons they do not want to be blown up so they will run toward you to discuss this incident. Use the power of the crowd to silence the discussion. One of Zealots will drop the High Explosive near the building on the opposite side of the building to create for you easier to manage entrance. Pick everyone in the compound with LRRifle.
7. When you finish only 6 zealots are standing - 3 with de Saxo, 3 near her next hideout.
8. Visit de Saxo [original hiding place] with your persuaded pals: first wear SuperShield run into the "entrance" tube and immediately run toward the "exit tube". Kill who you can with crowd fire. Finish off remaining guys when they pursue you.
9. Go to the new location of Ms. de Saxo in the same fashion as the first location. She run away from the map and this is "Mission Completed" when she does. Stay alive until then. She is not hiding anywhere else because you killed Zealots in all other places she would like to visit.
10. Rob the bank if you like by using Launcher. Go by the back door. I have no idea if there are any money - I didn't bother ;-)

REF15: [Hawai]
Kill off Zealots welcome party. Put Ion Mines on the Tanks way to you without going beyond roads crossing.
When the tank is done, select the agent without the Epidermis and wear the Clone Shield. Then run to the Zealots compound with 2 or three tanks and one flying car. When seeing 3 EuroCorp agent bodies pick up the briefcase with Epidermis 4. Take the flying car and fly with it to the starting location. Board all agents and civies. Wait till the energy recharges, then wear Clone Shields by everyone and fly to the evacuation point. See the text Mission Completed.

You may miss out on one Satellite Rain, a briefcase with something (cash?) and a few waves or Unguided, Zealots and Zealots again and Unguided again, again. If you want you still can recharge batteries, fly back to the starting point and do the mission as usual - hit space when things are too fast for you.
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