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1. I totally adore LRRifle.
2. Plasma Lances are must-have; research it as soon as possible.
3. Nuclear Grenades are potent at crowd control and building demolition.
4. Clone Shields disarm many missions.
5. Persuadrotron is mainly for fun (you can neutralise by persuading you know)


1. Wires: too much setup for me. Too late into the game. Just never thought it may be really useful.
2. Satellite Rain: on paper it's lovely. In reality it's inconvenient - you either would have to go into some empty building and took off Clone Shield or endanger one or many agents who may be killed by Zealots before the arrive. Any ideas?
3. Chromotap, Displacertron, Flamer: are these for close combats? Many enemies in a short period of time? But then there are many better suited options which also require space. Same here: what for, how, where?