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I just got the game and I've been messing around in the, huh, first three missions. I'm half lost while trying to get to understand the game, so some help could be useful:

1) Controls: There's no keyboard shortcuts to choose equipment or subgroups of agents, right? Everything must be done through mouse save selecting individual agents.

2) General gameplay: It seems most feasible strategies are just going guns blazing to your target, as it seems enemy agents (And even police) are way too quick to being able to actually think on real strategies. Any suggestion?

3) Strategic overview: For what I see, there's no "repeteable" missions so you can "farm" money, right? Can this become an issue later in the game?

4) Almost forgot: There's any reason to go with less than 4 agents on each mission?
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1) The only keyboard shortcuts that I know about are clicking both mouse buttons to enter panic mode (makes your agents faster, makes them draw their weapons, and makes them fire on their own) and CTRL + D to self-destruct (if you have the appropriate chest upgrade).

2) Mostly you'll either go in guns blazing, although you can also use the persuadertron to make enemies fight for you. You can capture enemies this way, and the manual says that you are given extra money for individuals you have persuaded at the end of the mission. You do have to be careful if the mission requires you to assassinate an individual, as you cannot fire on a person if you have already persuaded them.

3) Missions are repeatable. If you set your tax rates too high, the countries will revolt. This means that you can no longer collect taxes from them until you replay the mission for that country. Setting rates too high can be an issue if a mission takes a long time; I once increased the rates on several countries, entered a long mission, and when I was done I found that many of the countries revolted, and I had to replay several missions.

I've heard that you can also farm money by walking away from the computer for a few hours on the map screen, as you collect taxes in real-time, but I've never tried it.

4) I can't think of any reason why you'd ever want less than 4 agents around.

EDIT: I assume we are talking about Syndicate Plus, right? I haven't played Syndicate Wars, so I'm not sure about that game. Also, something that confused me for the longest time are how cars control, as they can be frustrating to use at times. It helps to know that the lane you click on matters, and that cars can only turn around in intersections and special areas.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the reply! Yeah I'm talking about Syndicate Plus (And the original game, not the American Revolt). I had to look at a video, as the third mission requires you to get on the car and I wasn't aware that you can do that, lol.

1) All right. It seems then that the best way to equip your guys is with the same weapons, as inventory management on the field seems to be a complex task. (And hell how I hate the speed enemies have, I better forget of "using pistol for this, shotgun for that").

2) I was thinking on something along the lines of "Agent 1 and 2 using shotguns enters while agent 3 covers them with a sniper rifle." Given what I say in "1)", it seems I better don't try it (Or at least, save before trying, lol).

3) All right. For my understanding, if you are repeating a misssion, this means that "time is passing", so the other countries are giving you dosh for it, right? I guess making DosBox going faster could accelerate the "idle" exploit, but well, that's an exploit. Also, I have to pay the power bill, lol.

4) Good. The manual kind of suggested using two agents for the first mission (Although maybe I didn't get what it was talking about, english is not my first langauge..)

By the way, the "IPA levels" are just something to allow the player leave agents "on teir own" in "vigilance" or "patrols" withouth having to micromanage them, right?
Just saw your reply, apologies for the late response.

1 & 2) - Agreed :)

3) Time is always passing, but passes MUCH faster on missions. So you will always get paid, but you get paid more when doing missions, and research completes much quicker.

4) Your English is great, I didn't realize you were not a native speaker.

Also, the IPA levels can be used for different things; the red one allows your agents to run quickly once the leg mods are unlocked, and I think the other two can make your agents more accurate when firing, and allow your agents to fire on their own at targets. This really helps with the speed of the enemy agents, since your agents will move and fire just as fast as the enemy. I wouldn't really leave them on their own to do anything; the AI isn't that great, and they will draw their weapons and fire on the police with the IPA levels set high. Setting the levels to the highest is more to help with combat than anything.

Hope this helps!
All right, thanks for everything!

It's a long way of trial and error here, but at least I have a good footing. And I have to repeat several missions after having my first rebellions :D