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Is it possible to install the unofficial source port for Syndicate Wars without the original CD from 1996 like the website insist, even with the source code fully unzip into the EXE file? And if so, can somebody explain how?
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Without the disc image? No. The source port installer requires it. However, if you own the GoG version of Syndicate Wars, you already have the disc image.

It's hidden in the "SWARS" game folder in BIN/CUE format. Simply rename "game.ins" to "game.cue" and mount it using virtual drive software (WinCDEmu, DAEMON Tools or whatever you prefer).

The source port installer should work fine.

Note - the disc image does come with the music tracks, but some virtual drive software - specifically WinCDEmu - won't emulate it, so you can't install the music. You may have to acquire the music somewhere else, convert it to OGG and put it in the appropriate folder.

Hope this helps :)
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I'm trying to get this installed right now but it seems to be hanging up at a certain point. c:\users\1\AppData\Local\Temp\nsr4AA0.tmp\rip.exe\ and there might be more but the installer doesn't let me see it or do anything with the installer... Wasn't even able to choose where it installed the source port.

Any alternatives or am I just destined to never play this gem again?