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Hello everyone! It is a very happy day. Today a project on kickstarter called Satellite Reign has launched. It is a spiritual successor of the Syndicate series (because rights belong to EA). Take a look and maybe pledge ;)
Looks and sounds interesting.

Just started Syndicate for the first time here, so no joyous nostalgia from me.
Backed, now counting the days until release.

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I backed it as soon as the kickstarter launched. I'm tempted to go for one of the higher tiers, but the team is still an unknown quantity, so I haven't been able to convince myself to do that yet (sure, the individuals all have heaps of experience, but the team as a whole hasn't done anything prior to this).
No doubt this will succeed. The early bird option was exhausted within 24hrs. Too fast for me, unfortunately. That unto itself is encouraging.
I just recognized that the lead programmer from Syndicate Wars, Mike Diskett is on this project, this is sounding better and better.

Oh, and I think I need a new custom avatar, as you were clearly here earlier, Tail. ;)
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LordMumpitz: Oh, and I think I need a new custom avatar, as you were clearly here earlier, Tail. ;)
Haha, sorry. There's at least one other Harold avatar :)
Also backed it :)
I hope it gets funded.
I think I might back this, but these Kickstarters sometimes make me hesitate.

I mean, I'd love the co-op, but implementing it would require the funding all the way up to the $1 000 000?

There's FIVE guys in the team right now. Where exactly would that MILLION dollars be spent on when they'll make this game happen? How does adding a co-op campaign into a game, cost $300 000?

Don't get me wrong, I'm waiting eagerly for this to happen, but I'm just hoping it's not just a get-rich scheme for them. And I'm not just pointing my finger specifically towards them, but all Kickstarter game projects. These amounts just seem unrealistically high to me. If someone could shed some light on the subject, I'd appreciate it.
Well they might hire more people to do things, in addition to the people mentioned in the stretch goals. I mean, 5 guys can only do so much no matter how much they have money.

I wouldn't hold my breath on the co-op but the Russell Zimmermann goal is possible. Which should take a lot of the writing work off the 5Lives guys.
I'm looking forward to this, as well. Looks really awesome.
This and Shadowrun Returns looks to be the most efficient and visually brilliant use of Unity. ;-)