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Thorwan: I created a more in depth walkthrough to help people not familiar with packages:
Hey there. I followed your instructions but still no music. Any idea why?
If anyone is still having trouble with this: currently, GOG has apparently made two "versions" of the Mac version available, one for English (159MB pkg file), and another which seems to be multi-language (790MB dmg file - choosing any non-English language will all get you this same file). Thorwan's instructions are correct but the extra confusion for some users seems to be because the file names are different in the two versions - one has "SWARS.INS" and the other has "GAME.INS". It actually doesn't matter which is used, but...*the full filename must match in the BXSTART.BAT file*. So, if you are following Thorwan's instructions, just make sure that both the filename and the line in the BXSTART.BAT file are *both* "SWARS.CUE". The should solve the no-music problem.
Still having trouble :( I'm a bit of a rube so pls bear with me if you can. My copy seems to include a GAME.INS !!!AND!!! a GAME.GOG ??? and they are located a bit further into the files than Thorwan's guide would suggest ( the boxer file isn't in the resources file. Instead there is a "GAMES" folder with a file called "Syndicate Wars" whose contents include yet another "Resources" file with the Syndicate.Boxer file. No matter how I edit the GAME.INS as well as the BXSTART.BAT (including renaming to SWARS.CUE and so forth) still no tunes :/ the game works alright otherwise.

EDIT: NVM Re-install and than Thorwan's technique worked

Gloomy tunes! Alright!
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