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I skimmed through the manual and did a few google searches, but I can't figure out if there is a way to see inside buildings you can walk into. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this and how to do it?
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I dont think you can. At least I recall it being frustrating myself. Anyway you can usually resolve this by going into panic mode and your agents will take care of the rest. If its an abduction mission just make sure you have the persuadatron equiped and not a gun...
You cant.
You can navigate through buildings by clicking in the scanner.
Watch your cursor. If it changes to a red reticle, SHOOT!
Thanks for the help. I've been using the navigating map and the reticule which works, but isn't idea. Not a huge issue, but a minor annoyance when your target is in a building.
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In the original game, the roof used to disappear as you walked through the door. Must be a bug in the conversion.
I don't believe that is the case, are you talking about Syndicate Wars? I never played that, but in the original Syndicate you couldn't see inside buildings.
yeah sorry guys. After playing a couple of levels I realised I must be remembering 'Wars' regarding the see through roofs.

Still great fun though
Hold the B key to make buildings see through.