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"Syberia" was released during the second wave of adventure games (post-2000) and is the first part in a steampunk (or is it clockworkpunk) duology (now apparently a trilogy as the third part is in the making). I fell in love with the game a long time ago and now revisiting it I can say that it withstood the test of time flawlessly.
The first thing one notices about the game is that it looks beautiful. All the places are rendered so vividly that it seems they come alive. After playing this game you will definitely remember Valadilene or Komkolzgrad as you you have been in those places yourself.
The game sports a very memorable musical score as well and the background noises and the voice acting fit the mood too. OK, some people think the acting to be sub-par, but I disagree. At least the voices of Kate and Oscar (however annoying his character might be) fit the story perfectly. So of the conversations on the phone might grate your teeth, but i must wonder if it was not intentional.
As this is a point'n'click adventure game obviously there are puzzles. So how are they? Actually I would call them very easy. That may be disappointing for hardcore adventure gamers, but I relished in a chance to experience the story without a need to wander around for hours without having the slightest idea what to do or the need to use a walkthrough.
Inherently, "Syberia" is a coming-of-age story despite Kate being an adult. From her first appearance as an always hurrying, no-nonsense lawyer firmly rooted to the ground we can see her change. We see her opening her eyes to the wide world around her. It is her former friends and colleagues on the phone that nail it how shallow her life was until she started on the big quest.
If I have any quibbles it is that "Syberia" and "Syberia 2" are in essence one big game that was split in two, so the first part ends on a sort of cliffhanger note. But that shouldn't detract you from the enjoyment. If you like point and click games with great story, visuals, music and not too hard puzzles, this is a game for you.
I agree 100%, beliar! I loved both games, which as you stated are really just two parts of the same game. It is a very beautiful game and completely pulled me in. When I first started playing, I just wandered around the hotel at the beginning of the game and listened to the rain hitting the windows--it was very soothing!
You've summed it up beautifully. I found Syberia here on GOG. Within a few hours of buying and trying the first game, I purchased and downloaded the second game as well. They're fantastic! The adventure gameplay is analogous to an interactive graphic novel, which is not surprising given Benoit Sokal's background in comics. The puzzles are not at Myst-level, but Syberia has exponentially more in terms of plot and character, so there is compensation of sorts. A gem for those who like puzzles and love stories.
definatly worth a play through.. Personally i found 1 a better over all game, 2 had to many really hard puzzles, and to me it had none of the intereting background stories which really gave more depth to the characters.

all and all it was a great ride though, and id definatly play another story made by this company,

id love to see a return to syberia...