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anyone is running it via wine on Linux? It should run good with the latest wine version, it have gold status on winehq.
My luck ran out on me. Syberia gives only a black screen for me, using Wine-1.1.41. This was the game I expected so much here on GoG and wanted to play out again. This "black screen but music is playing" issue is reported by many. I'm desperately waiting for a solution. I couldn't run the game in Virtualbox, either.
As for Syberia II, there is more hope: the demo runs fine for me under Wine.
I also tried to run GOG's Syberia using latest wine under Linux. I did not succeed (also black screen but music playing...)
After some fiddling around with the retail (2CD) version of the game, I could start it in Wine: AFTER applying a no-cd "patch" (it's very common when using Wine, since Wine doesn't handle most of the copy-protection methods).
GoG's Syberia can also be started this way...if you find the proper "no-cd" thingy.
Is this version here on GoG really, completely DRM free? ..or Mr. Cracker did a better job of making the game Wine compatible than GoG.
By the way, Syberia II from GOG works well under Linux (vanilla wine 1.1.42 + 'winetricks vcrun6' to solve issue with missing msvcp60.dll)
I've been playing it for a few hours, and so far I only encountered sound glitches on the main menu. Appart from that, the game seems to run perfectly.