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Just picked up Syberia 1 and 2 here on GOG on sale. I have both on disc, but those are older installs, and GOG usually has really good compatibility with their games, except here.

This is the first time I've run into an issue getting a game from GOG to run.

So, I'm on a dual monitor setup.. Main monitor is 4k (though I run it lower: 2560x1440). Second monitor is 1080p. I prefer to play it on the main monitor.

When I start the game, both screens initially go black, and I hear the startup/logo music playing, but then it just goes to a small black rectangle in the top-left of my main monitor, and the music playing, and that's it.

Don't see any graphics/artwork/anything. Only hear music.

Only way to close it is by right-clicking on the task bar icon and selecting "close".

Not sure if it's strictly due to my screen resolution, being on Windows 10, or a mixture of both.

Hoping others here have figured out a fix to get it to work under similar circumstances?

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